South Indian Food

South Indian cuisine has earned a lot of distinction all over the world for its scrumptious delicacies. The wide scope of flavours and heavenly cooking styles make South Indian food irresistible to most of us. It offers a perfect blend of taste, flavour, and colour and takes care of the nutritional balance.



Foodies who don’t love kebabs don’t exist. How can you resist these melt-in-the-mouth delicacies cooked in different styles, each with their distinct tastes that leave you salivating for more? Though kebabs did not originate in India, they are extremely popular in all parts of the country. From dry mutton seekh and crispy mutton burrah kebabs to shami kebabs and chicken tikka kebabs, there are options aplenty to satiate your kebab cravings.

Birthday Catering


Birthdays are special. They are the perfect occasion to get together with all your friends and family to celebrate. In today's fast-moving world, all of us keep super busy. Birthdays give us the reason and chance to meet and interact. This is a day you celebrate your birth and express gratitude for the life you have. Everyone around you showers you with exciting gifts and surprises. There's cake, balloons, candles and lots of good food. What's not to love?

Vegetarian Food

More and more people are turning vegetarians for a healthy lifestyle. We are always looking for exciting and unique vegetarian dishes to treat our palates with this changing dynamic. Restaurants embrace the innovative ideas of fusion food, where they give a unique twist to a traditional vegetarian dish and turn it into something fabulous. Whether you are on a meat detox or a strict vegetarian, Aangan restaurant in Rajpura is the best place to invest your appetite in. We are famous for serving the best vegetarian food in Rajpura.

Punjab’s love for food is no secret. Be it the bigger cities or the idyllic towns like Rajpura, the love for mouth-watering cuisines can be witnessed in every nook and corner. It is this craving to try new dishes that have given birth to many restaurants in Rajpura. Aangan restaurant is a top restaurant in Rajpura which specialises in the local North Indian cuisine, Chinese, south Indian dishes and more.